The film is a comedy about a struggling Indian film maker, Harish, who makes his way to Singapore to look for investors to finance his dream movie. However, a series of misfortunes foils his plans and he also ends up losing his passport. At a loss, Harish meets Vaanambaadi, an eccentric Singaporean cameraman. With Vaanambaadi’s advice and help, Harish almost realises his dream. But then he meets a girl who is dying from cancer and gets swept up in a number of hilarious but serious situations. Without the cliched romance in Indian films, the story takes a light and humorous turn into a madcap journey about life, death and everything else.


  • Gokul Anand as Harish
  • Rajesh Balachandiran as Vaanambaadi
  • Anju Kurian as Roshini
  • Shiv Keshav as Michael
  • Emcee Jesz as PapaBlast


In 2011, Abbas Akbar approached director Venkat Prabhu with the script of the film, hoping that the director would work on the project as an executive producer. Akbar held initial talks with Dinesh to play the lead role, but Prabhu’s decision not to produce the film meant that Dinesh also opted against working on the project. Akbar later approached actor R. Madhavan and narrated the script of the film to him, but the actor was busy with the production of Irudhi Suttru (2016) and was not interested in immediately beginning the project. Abbas Akbar secured a fund from the Media Development Authority in Singapore to make the film, while he also sold his house to raise funds. The first schedule began in Chennai and was completed by September 2014. The second schedule of the film began in October 2014 in Singapore and featured a combination of cast members from India and Singapore. Sathya and Hebah Patel began working on the film but the project soon ran into trouble after the film was half complete. The director and Sathya had creative differences after Sathya had refused to attend rehearsals and was subsequently removed from the film. The film was subsequently started with newcomers throughout 2015 and successfully finished by 2016.